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My Favorite Pieces

I haven’t written anything for public consumption since July so I have collected a list of my favorite pieces of the last two years across 15th Club,, NoLayingUp, SBNation, and this blog. Hopefully they will provide some insight or inspiration as we enter the new golf season.

15th Club

Review of 2016 To Date: Performance vs Results (url)

The PGA Championship Is All About Distance (url)

Who Is Best At Links Golf (url)

Can A Masters Rookie Win? (url) – wait for Jon Rahm in 2017

Masters Round Recaps

Round 1: Iron play fueled Spieth’s Round 1 (url)

Round 2: Rory finally conquering Augusta’s par 5s (url)

Round 3: Spieth misses the one critical fairway (url)

Round 4: Willett excelled across the board (url)

Other Pieces

The Masters Real Big Three (url)

Placing Golf’s Youth Movement in Context (url)

Spieth’s 2015 & Expected Wins (url)

Four Golfers Primed for Wins in 2015-16 (url) – a tidy 3/4

Accuracy Just Isn’t Important Anymore (url)

The European Tour Is Losing Talent (url) – a slight uptick in 2016!

Sergio Can’t Close (url)


The Top Masters Chokes & Clutch Rounds (url)


Why Rickie Fowler Doesn’t Win More (url)

My Blog

Spieth’s Driving Propels Him to the Top (url)

Stenson Loves His 3 Wood Too Much (url) – somehow my most viewed post

Don’t Trust a Hot Putter (url)

Day Plays to win at Torrey Pines (url)

The Signal in First Round Performance (url)

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